Best Comedy Movies Hollywood – Movies To Watch For A Good Laugh

best comedy movies hollywood

Laughing is the best exercise to relieve stress and tension. Not everyone can afford an outdoor weekend to relax but there are many other ways to enjoy the weekend at the least expense or no expenses at all. A movie night is one of the most popular ideas followed. It not only rejuvenates the weak spirits but also helps in bonding with friends and family members. Hence, here are some of the best comedy movies hollywood of recent times. This article will deal with some of the best Hollywood comedy movies.

Best Comedy Movies Hollywood – Shazam


The first on the list of best comedy movies Hollywood is the superhero movie. A child when turned into a superhero is hilarious to watch. The confusion and the struggle to understand the new superhero powers bring humor to the movie. The slapstick fight between a child and a supervillain is spectacular.

Best Comedy Movies Hollywood – When We First Met


The next on the list of best comedy movies Hollywood is a hilarious rom-com movie. Noah is heartbroken to find engaged Avery whom he met on Halloween and fell in love. However, he is not broken and embarks on a time machine to rewrite time to get the girls of his dreams.

Best Comedy Movies Hollywood – Due Date

The next on the list of best comedy movies Hollywood is the Robert Downey Junior starer movie. Poor Peter to-be a father is distraught that he might miss the birth of his first child after being hitch-hiked by an eccentric aspiring actor Ethan. The disgust of Peter over Ethan and the journey they embark on to reach the hospital on time brings the humor element in the movie.

Best Comedy Movies Hollywood – Good Boys

The next in the series of best comedy movies Hollywood is another comedy journey-based movie. The life of three sixth-graders changes completely when they ditch school and went on an epic journey only to find that they were carrying stolen drugs and have to return back for a long-awaited party. The scenes where the boys are being hunted by girls are some of the most hilarious.

Best Comedy Movies Hollywood – Home Alone

The next in the series of best comedy movies Hollywood is again a child artist starer movie. Kevin is quite happy to be left alone after his family leaves for France. But his happiness is short-lived when some thieves break into his home, however, he uses all his wit and might to fight back. This Hollywood classic will leave anyone with stomach pain from laughing. The mishaps between Kevin and the thieves bring the humor element in the movie.


Watching a movie is one of the best time pass activities. The theme of the movie can be changed every weekend from comedy to light-heart comedy. Movies are also a good way of learning. A lot of documentaries are there to watch and learn. Make sure you use these movies to have fun with your loved ones this time.

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