Believing Any Of These 10 Myths About New Hollywood Movies

Myths About New Hollywood Movies

One of the most exciting things about the upcoming releases in the upcoming year of 2020 is the debut of new Hollywood movies. With many stars from previous movies having returned for more, it has been a long time coming. There are some of the new and exciting films coming out that you will want to look forward to seeing in theaters this upcoming spring and summer. Thus let us discuss Myths About New Hollywood Movies.

One of the best parts about the new stars of Hollywood movies this coming year is that they are all getting back together. With the recent success of the “Hannigan’s Law” the popularity of the “Law and Order” show is only going to continue to grow. Other successful franchises like “The Office”Seinfeld” have continued to show no signs of slowing down either. The return of these successful and well known shows will make this new wave of stars seem like they have been there for years.

Know Myths About New Hollywood Movies
Know Myths About New Hollywood Movies

Release Of “Pitch Blac” : Myths About New Hollywood Movies

However, the biggest movie to come out this year will be the release of “Pitch Black”. This new film starring Kurt Russell, Will Smith, Michael Caine, and even James Belushi is very much a “What Happened” movie. Set in the 1970s during the height of the Vietnam War, it tells the story of the war effort and the war hero that were killed while fighting for his country. It also chronicles the life of a young soldier and what happened after he returned home to start a new life. Fans can expect some big surprises at the movie’s premiere, which will be held at the Nokia Theater in Hollywood.

In addition to “Pitch Black” there will also be a second installment of the popular “NCIS” series that has been around since the late 1990s. This new series is expected to bring back many of the best characters from the original series along with adding some more to the cast including Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Weatherly, and actor Brian Baumgartner.

If you are looking for some of the best new films coming out this year that you can take in on your local big screen you should definitely check out the new releases in the Hollywood. As we mentioned before the “New Hollywood” is going to be packed with stars that you will love to see onscreen.

Myths About New Hollywood Movies
Myths About New Hollywood Movies

Million Dollar Baby

Another movie that you can look forward to seeing is “Million Dollar Baby” starring Ben Affleck. as the lead, he gives audiences another chance to see the late Michael Jackson. We all know how famous Jackson was over the last few years, but there are actually some surprising twists that were thrown into the story of the movie that will make you forget about all of the craziness that happened in the past for a few years.

“The New York Times” calls it a “funny-goofy comedy,” but this one may end up being a lot more than that. With the recent death of Ben Affleck, some of the stars that were supposed to play other roles in the film have now been replaced with some new faces to add to the mix.

You can also look forward to seeing a new release at the AMC Movie Theater this year that you have probably never heard of. This is the first in a sequel to “Furious 7” and it is called “Men In Black II”. There will be a new twist on the original “Men In Black” as well as a whole new set of aliens. Expect to see the classic villain, MIBs as well as some new MIBs that are going to battle them.

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