Bad Effects Of Your Child Playing Video Games On Their Mental, Physical And Psychological Health

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Video games are the new craze, or I should say love for everyone. From children to adults, they all love playing video games for hours and hours, and when they start to learn new ways to win the round, it becomes more intense, and they forget about the outside world. And that’s where the problem started. Of course, playing video games makes your mind Sharp and helps you to think better, but when you overdo something, it is bad in more than one way. Adults can somehow make this habit by setting up a new routine, but for children, for them,t is the stage where they should be learning skills or be spending time doing physical activities. But a child playing video games gets easily addicted to it that creates problems in their physical, psychological development. Instead, a child playing video games either become aggressive and bullying or shy and introverted.

Negative Impact On Child Playing Video Games

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Dopamine Addiction

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Dopamine is a chemical present in our brain that is associated with pleasure which is directly related to addiction. In this world of modern digitalization where most of us, from children to adults, have electronic devices with screens. Even many of us make this mistake to distract a child while we have to do work. We hand them mobile or tab results of which we see our child playing video games.

Reduction In Motivation

Children playing video games have a lack of confidence and motivation; it is seen in many cases. Instead of working on building their confidence in the physical world, they have to live in they make themselves comfortable in the digital world. This then leads to great problems in the future when they have to face the real world.

Relationship Issues

Now here comes the real problem. When your child plays video games, he/she forgets about their parents, siblings, family, friends, and their online video gaming is there everything that leads to many relationship issues as they grow up. They never make it to positively set up an emotional bond with their family and friends. Your child playing video games and getting addicted to them has lost the meaning of what family meant to them.

Social Disconnection

Nowadays, children are losing the fun of getting socially connected. They don’t know what’s happening on the outside and how to behave with their neighbors or elders. They keep themselves packed in a room and like to play video games or other stuff, because of this either they become introverted or rude to people sometimes even parents because they don’t know how to behave socially all they know is video games and how to play it.


This is it for this article which is about the negative impact on children playing video games and how they forget their outside world and neglect their family and values. A child who plays video games is more likely to commit mistakes in aggression than a child who does, and excessive playing of video games stops their mental development.

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