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Origin Of Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed was first founded as a small pet shop in Hollywood, Florida. In the 1980s, there were only two other pet stores serving the area and Hollywood Feed was one of them. It has been dedicated to providing pet owners with the best quality foods and products for their pets over the years to ensure good health and long life. The staff is well educated on animal nutrition and can help you find just what your dog or cat needs from treats to toys to food!

In 1997, Hollywood Feed opened its doors as a family-owned business that would serve all of South Florida under one roof. In keeping with our culture of excellence, Hollywood Feed offers more than just an assortment of premium foods ranging from organic options to raw diets. It provides a multitude of services for customers including grooming, boarding, training classes and more.

Operations And Services Offered By Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed offers take-home pet food in addition to premium foods to ensure you are getting the best for your companion. The store also has an extensive line of toys, treats, supplies, beds and other items at great prices!

Hollywood Feed offers free pet delivery available every Wednesday except holidays. The minimum purchase required for this service is $30. Hollywood Feed does not charge extra fees or require membership enrollment. It sells organic options, grain-free and raw diets, natural foods, high-quality kibble and canned food. They also have prescription diets on hand if your vet recommends it.

Hollywood Feed offers doggy daycare, boarding and grooming! They can accommodate pets up to 35 pounds in their daycare, 40 pounds for boarding and 45 pounds for grooming. To ensure the safety of your pet while at Hollywood Feed, they provide crates free of charge. 

Hollywood Feed provides pet travel services for customers who need their pets picked up or dropped off at their homes. They also offer veterinary referrals should you need a recommendation for a vet. For dog owners that are enrolled in one of the training classes, they offer discounted rates on pet sitting. The staff is experienced with all types of breeds amendments!

Look And Style Of Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed has 5500 square ft of retail space divided into three departments – home, feed and natural. The store is well lit with natural sunlight coming through the front windows. They have a free-stocked food shelf where customers can grab what they need to take to their car for quick entry; however, they also offer curbside delivery to make it easier on the consumers!

The shelves are stocked every day with both dry and canned pet foods which includes name brands like Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Canidae, Orijen and more! For treats, they carry popular brands Pet Botanics, Zukes, Pure Vita, Nulo and more! The training department offers an array of items like leashes, harnesses, collars, treats, beds and more! Hollywood Feed also has a large supply of dog kennels in various sizes.

Finally – the grooming department houses seven salon suites which include full tubs for bathing your pet. They offer self serve washes for $5 or full-service grooming where professional groomers wash dry shampoo (if necessary), clean teeth, clip nails, brush and style.

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