Action Movie: The Best Action Movie Ever Made

Action Movie: The Best Action Movie Ever Made

Action movies have a kind of popularity in the Hollywood industry. The best action movie is based on the creative and rigorous creativity that has been utilized by the director to get the vision of the story into reality. The truth about action movies is that they are about action and that action is bound to be followed by the audience.

There is no justice in this world that can be accomplished without action. Action is the real lifestyle that is symbolized by action heroes such as Rambo, Terminator, Superman, Conan, etc. They are every bit as real as these action heroes, the only difference is that their plots are laced with morality and social issues and the way these characters respond to the events that develop around them.

Action Movie: The Best Action Movie Ever Made
Action Movie: The Best Action Movie Ever Made

Movie Characters

Action movie characters may be good, bad, or in between, but they all have one thing in common; they all carry guns. The rule is that there is only one gun, one shot, and one impact. The main character cannot escape his or her destiny of gun-wielding, the bullet hitting destiny.

Many years ago, the film industry did not take the film seriously. They took the script they had written and sold it to a movie studio. The studio then set about rewriting the script to fit their production schedule.

The end result was that a movie script that was written to be a masterpiece got stitched together and sold to the consumer, hoping to make a costly mistake. The biggest mistakes the movies made were when they put the action on paper to the extent that the movie was unrecognizable.

Why Computer-Aided Design Software Is Used?

The advent of computer-aided design software has changed the way movies are produced and made. Movies are no longer what they were and what they produce is no longer attractive to an audience. There is nothing more important than having the best action movie.

The rules of action movies are the same as the rules for any other action movie. The plot is set up, the final scenes are constructed, the outcome is planned and then the movie is seen by the public. Movies always begin with a mission statement that defines the goal and the theme of the film. In the best action movie of the story begins where the film ends.

Once the sequence of the plot is developed by the director and producers go to work on the characters. All of the actors play their parts perfectly because the director knows exactly what is expected of the character. The actors are given a chance to express themselves and demonstrate the character and also to let their character shine.

Two Leads

One of the elements that give an action movie its shine is the two leads. The reason is that the leading characters have to act in a way that is unexpected and helps to shape the outcome of the movie.

Bruce Lee was an instant star in any movie he was in because his kung fu and martial arts came from something very real to him. He was a real hero and the best action hero. Lee’s movies are no less successful than all the others because he was able to grab the audience’s imagination.

Jackie Chan is a different animal altogether. He is a martial arts star, whose only concern is to display martial arts. While Lee takes the viewers on a journey through the movie, Chan makes the movie a real stand-up comedy.

Action Movie: The Best Action Movie Ever Made
Action Movie: The Best Action Movie Ever Made

Both Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan were known for their cool under fire as well as their ability to steal the show as they took the audiences along on their own cinematic adventures.

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