A Hollywood Song List That Will Make You Hum

Songs are part of our lives. I am sure you have your list of favorite songs on your cellphone. But it’s good to listen to songs that are not in your genre. Moreover, who knows, you might end up liking it. Hence, we have made a list of the best-charted Hollywood song for you.

A Hollywood Song List-Some Of The Greatest Hits Of All Time

I only used to listen to alternative rock and pop songs until one day my friends introduced me to blues and jazz music. Moreover, as I was listening to music, I could feel my feet tapping on the ground. I was like, it’s beautiful.

Try listening to these old and new Hollywood songs from different genres. I bet you will fall in love with this music. 

9 Hollywood Song That Will Make You Hum
A Hollywood Song List That Will Make You Hum

1. Careless Whisper 

One of the most celebrated Hollywood songs of all time. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley wrote the song in 1984.

George, for the first time, records the song “Careless Whisper” solo. Consequently, this song breaks all the records. The song was on the top chart for many years in 25 countries. Finally, it’s one of the best love songs until today.

2. Stairway To Heaven

This song is one of the greatest rock songs of all time by Jimi page and sung by Robert Plant in 1971.

Despite the song not being commercially released, it ranks 3rd by VH1 on its list of 100 greatest rock songs. Furthermore, in 1970, the song was the most requested song in the US.

4. Wind of Change – The Best Hollywood Song

The song composer is Claus Meine, a lead singer in a German rock band called Scorpions. It was recorded and released in 1990.

It became a worldwide hit in 1991 and ranks No.1 in Germany and makes it to 4th place in the US top songs chart.

5. Ocean Deep

This song is for those who are single and waiting for the magic to happen. The songwriters are Rod Trott and Jon Sweet and the singer is Cliff Richard. It was recorded and released in the year 1983.

The song did not gain much popularity but if you are a fan of Richard, this may be your favorite song sung by him.

6. I Shot The Sheriff

The composer of this song is Bob Marley, recorded in the year 1973. The song did not get much popularity until Eric Clapton released the cover version in 1974.

Eric Clapton’s version was rank No.1 on the billboard top 100.

7. Dream On

Steven Tyler who was a lead singer in the band Aerosmith wrote and sang this song. In the genre of classic rock, the song is a major hit.

The song was released in the year 1973 but was remade in 1975. It remains a hit for many years in Boston and other parts of the US.

8. Take Me Home, Country Road- Best Hollywood Song

The song was composed of 3 people including John but was sung only by John Denver.

Moreover, it was released in 1971 making it straight to the 2nd position on the US billboard chart of Hot 100 singles.

The song is the signature song of John.  The song describes the beauty of the countryside of West Virginia.

9 Hollywood Song That Will Make You Hum
A Hollywood Song List That Will Make You Hum

9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain

This song was written and released by John Fogerty in the year 1971. The song gained lots of popularity in Canada. Additionally, it was  No.1 in the national Billboard chart.


These are some of the best hits of Hollywood of all time. Moreover, listen to them, you might end up liking the entire playlist.  Furthermore, check out the song albums, you will find some very good Hollywood songs.

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