5 Latest Hollywood News You Must Know About

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Hollywood is one of those places where nothing remains still and dull for a moment. From celebrity gossip to new movie launch, this is always been a happening place. So, the news also doesn’t stop coming from this place. So, here are the 5 best and latest Hollywood news you must know about.

Rami Malek as the Villain in James Bond movie No Time to Die – Latest Hollywood News

James Bond’s 25th installment ‘No Time to Die’ is just got better. Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek came on board to the villainous character Safin in the forthcoming spy thriller. The recent trailer of the film featured Rami Malek where the character of the film was introduced. James Bond’s 25th film already attracted many eyeballs after the controversy of Daniel Craig and Danny Boyle. Danny Boyle already exited from the project, whereas Daniel Craig already announced that it will be his last outing as the 007 agent. Rami Malek’s induction in the film brings the film in the limelight again. The film’s initial release date is 11th November 2020.

5 Latest Hollywood News You Must Know About
5 Latest Hollywood News You Must Know About

Joaquin Phoenix to Sign $50 Million for Next Two Joker Sequels

Arthur Fleck is coming. Yes, as per the report goes, 2019’s one of the best films, Joker, is coming back with its sequel. At the first installment, Joaquin Phoenix reprised the famous role of Arthur Fleck aka Joker. This role gave him the biggest prize of his career as he won the Oscar for the film. And now, he is on the verge of signing a $50 Million deal to reprise the role again for the next two sequels of the film. Joaquin Phoenix never acted in the sequels in his illustrious career. But we hope that this thing is going to change. Both the director Todd Philips and producer Bradley Cooper are on board for the sequel.

Jason Momoa Backs up Ray Fisher’s Allegations – Latest Hollywood News

DC’s Justice League became one of the best films the franchise had ever produced. But some recent allegations rocked the Hollywood as well as the cast and crew of the film. Ray Fisher alleged that the director of the film Joss Whedon abused the crew. He also stated that it was unprofessional. Jason Momoa not only backed Ray Fisher’s statement but also alleges that the Warner Bros were also responsible as these incidents happened under their watch. He also stated that the incident needs proper investigation.

5 Latest Hollywood News You Must Know About
5 Latest Hollywood News You Must Know About

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Flirts with Each Other

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s divorce not only break their wedding vows, but also millions of fans’ hearts. But the clock was recently turned back as they were flirting towards each other. No, don’t run your wild imagination now. They came together to take part in a fundraiser. They had a table read of a famous drama-comedy script of 1982. And as the script demanded, they flirted with each other in the table read. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt ended their marriage 15 years ago. But the clock race backward and fans were able to see the old flair between the two.

Robert Pattinson, Dwayne Johnson Resumes Shooting After Tested Covid-19

As the world is facing the pandemic of Covid-19, everyone is fighting the battle daily. Many people are still becoming affected daily. And, the cure of this global pandemic is still at large. Many Hollywood celebrities also announced that they suffered from the virus. Some days ago, Robert Pattinson and Dwayne Johnson also announced that they were affected by the novel Coronavirus. Robert Pattinson was shooting the reboot film of Batman when he found out about it. The shooting came to a halt. But, both the actors are completely fit now, and they already joined the shooting of their next films.

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