5 Hollywood Undead Popular Songs That You Cant Stop Yourself From Hearing It

hollywood undead popular songs

Are you a Hollywood Undead fan like me? Hollywood Undead has been all over the news after its two back-to-back album releases in 2020. Suppose you don’t know Hollywood Undead’s history. Here it is. It is an American Rock Bank which is based in Los Angeles, California. Hollywood Undead was formed in the year 2005. But it was only on September 2, 2008, that Hollywood Undead released their first album, Swan Songs. Swan Songs’s songs are still considered in Hollywood Undead Popular Songs.

Latest Hollywood Undead Popular Songs

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Hollywood Undead released two albums in 2020. The first album was released on February 14, 2020, and it’s called New Empire Vol. 1. Hollywood Undead had released another album later in 2020 on December 4. Among these two albums, Hollywood Undead Popular Songs are Medicate, Ghost Out, Time Bomb, Heart Of A Champion. What really stands out for Hollywood Undead is that their lyrics are sarcastic. The members of Hollywood Undead use nicknames, and everyone wears masks. Other than their lyrics about drinking, girls, drugs, partying, they also have lyrics about feelings, love, broken heart, etc.

So, now we can discuss the list of 5 Hollywood Undead Popular Songs. As most of their songs are too good, it is a pretty exhausting task to rank them in the top 5. Here’s the list of 5 Hollywood Undead Popular Songs:


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It is arguably the best song in the first album, Swan Songs. It is also one of the most Hollywood Undead Popular Songs. It got released in 2008, but it is still fresh in people’s minds. Not only for Hollywood Undead, but it is also one of the best songs of all time.


It was so hard to choose between ‘Outside’ and ‘Undead’ for who’ll be no.1 in the list of Hollywood Undead Popular Songs. As ‘Undead’ has already been chosen no.1, ‘Outside’ is second on the list. Only because of its powerful lyrics. Are you humming to ‘Outside’ right now?


This is another legendary song from the first album, Swan Songs. Whatever people say about this song, it will fall short of words. This is a must in your playlist.


There are some songs due to which you can never judge Hollywood Undead. And this song is one of those. One of the most meaningful songs of all time. It has a great chorus. So, S.C.A.V.A. is fourth on the Hollywood Undead Popular Songs.

California Dreaming

California Dreaming is the song that has been chosen only because of its Verses. It has a great guitar, no doubt. Altogether it is a great song.


So, here’s the list of 5 Hollywood Undead Popular Songs. There are many other great songs that couldn’t make it to the list. So, here are some other honorable mentions: Lion, We Own The Night, Believe, Everywhere I Go, Sweet Dreams, and many more. The five songs that have been mentioned are the most popular since time immemorial. Comment your top 5 Hollywood Undead Popular Songs.

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