5 Gay Black Actors In Hollywood Who Have Openly Talked About Their Sexuality

gay black actors in hollywood

There is a change in people’s attitudes regarding accepting gay people in society: civil society, Government, and LGBTQ community opening supporting people in choosing their sexuality by themselves. In the past, it was a risky affair for influential people to accept their orientation away from the generation’s perceived notion of same-gender sex. Following is the detailed discussion on five gay black actors in Hollywood and their thought processes.

Darryl Joseph Stephens

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This black actor is famous for roles in various movies and television serials. His role in Noah’s Arc, Undressed, That is life, Circuit, was quite impressive. People like his deep understanding of the role and critics always give him a good star on his acting. He openly accepted that he is a gay.

Francois Clemmons

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Born and brought up in the USA, this black actor is famous for his acting and writing skills. He was married but took the divorce route in 1974 to live a free life as a gay man. He is one of the oldest people to accept his different sexual orientation. Back then, it was not a good idea to state about gay status. It was like risking career and personal life, but he accepted his sexual orientation approx 40 years back.


He is a famous black American actor, model, singer, songwriter, and television personality. His show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is top-rated among youngsters. His portrayal of various roles in movies like Crooklyn, Hurricane Bianca, Girlboss, Grace and Frankie, The Brandy Brunch Movie, etc., are appreciated by audiences and critics. Paul is gay and lives with her partner Georges Lebar since 1994. Once, he said that he does not want to put or take any pressure on his life; that’s why he chosen gay life and the open marriage concept.

Lee Daniels

There are very few actors who are actively working in Hollywood for more than 30 years. Daniels debuted in 1986 through the movie name “A Little Off Mark,” and in 2021, he produced “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”. In his lengthy Hollywood career, he has done several assignments. He lives in Manhattan with his casting director partner Billy Hopkins. However, in 2015 this black gay actors in Hollywood separated from his partner.

Jeremy O. Harris

This black actor is famous for roles in movies like Daddy and Slave Play. Besides acting, he is also a playwright and philanthropist. In his various personal and virtual interviews, he openly accepted that he is gay. On the social worker front, he participates in various LGBTQ parades and fights for the community’s rights. In 2020, he donated a large sum of money to the New York Theater Workshop and different libraries spread across the United States.


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