5 Best Action Film Choices You Should Watch

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The action film, the best lot of Hollywood movies, learn more with us. What do you do when you get a long vacation? For me, I watch movies, good movies. I don’t know how much you are into watching movies but if you are planning to stay at home this winter. You should not miss these 5 best action films of all time. 

If you are a self-development enthusiastic, the mentor you follow would have told you not to fall into the trap of watching movies. But watching a movie sometimes will do you no harm.

All the movies are not the same. Some movies will inspire and motivate you. If you want some goosebumps, try watching this action films which will not only motivate and inspire you but it will make you want to watch the movie again and again. 

Everybody has their taste in everything they do. The movies mentioned in this article might not be the best action films for you but if you watched some of these movies or all it, I am sure you did like it.

5 Best Action Film You Should Watch This Winter
5 Best Action Film Choices You Should Watch

Wanted: Hollywood Best Action Film

If you are looking for some conceptual movies like finding the purpose of your life and taking charge of your destiny. Wanted is the movie you should start with.

A young man named Wesley Gibson works in a dead-end desk job. He is bored with his existence.

His life took a turn when a society of assassins called “Fraternity” tracks him down. They train him to kill his father. The rest of the story you can watch in the movie. The best question in the movie is, “ What have you done lately with your life?”

The Equalizer

What do you see when looking at me? That’s the best part of the movie.

A middle-aged man starting a new life leaving behind his past turn out to be the equalizer. For him, equality is his top priority. Anyone who tries to brutalize the helpless, he will be there for the helpless. He is the equalizer.

Bollywood Best Action Film – Bahubali 1&2

I don’t know if you are into Bollywood movies or not but Bahubali is a must-watch action movie. The story plotting and the action sequences are amazing.

In ancient India, a young man climbs the highest waterfall only to discover that people are worshipping him like a living god. In search of his identity, he meets different people. He came to know that he was the son of a great price Mahendra Bahubali who was killed by his army general.

To take revenge he builds an army and fights his uncle’s son who has taken the throne playing dirty politics.

John Wick

Do you have a dog? What will you do if somebody kills your dog? This movie is all about tracking down gangsters and taking revenge for killing his dog.  

You don’t want to mess with an ex-hitman. The acting of Mr. Keanu Reeves is amazing.

Dawn Of The Planets Of The Apes

This one is interesting. If you want to see some great actions between man vs apes. You should watch this movie. The movie is about a war between man and apes trying to colonies their territories.

5 Best Action Film You Should Watch This Winter
5 Best Action Film Choices You Should Watch


There are tons of action films from all over the world. But the movies mentioned above are some of the badass movies which you should not miss this winter. 

On a cold foggy day, grab a large cup of herbal tea with some french fries and watch the movies with your family.

Some really good movies such as My Spy, Red Notice and Underwater are coming out in 2020, so don’t miss them.

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